About Me

Hi, I am Amber and I am the author of a Dash of Amber. I live in the Indianapolis area and am an Emergency Department Nurse. I am married and am a new mommy to a beautiful baby boy. I love animals and my family and I have 3 pitbulls, a cat, a rabbit, and a bearded dragon. This blog was started as a way to get words and suppressed feelings off of my chest and out into the world to decrease stress but since has evolved. This is a personal blog as I tend to write about anything that strikes my fancy but I have come to focus on family, marriage, and adventures. My family’s adventures don’t tend to take us very far from the Indianapolis area often so we enjoy exploring the area around us and finding obscure and cool things to do within the region. I am not into spending a ton of money so I love to try to find inexpensive events and places to visit that are not too far from home.