What Brand of Diapers Should I Use?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, becoming a parent is all about making hard decisions. Are you going to bottle or breast feed? If you are going to bottle feed, what kind of formula are you going to use? Are you going to allow your baby to use a pacifier? For boys, circumcision or no circumcision? I have only been a mom for 3.5 months now but I have learned the hard way that the brand of diaper you use matters. Not every diaper brand is the same size, price, or as effective as the rest and you don’t want to be stuck out in public with leaky diapers. Lucky enough for you I am committed to finding the perfect diaper brand and have reviewed different brands below.

Before reviewing these brands it is important to note that all babies are different. What works for one baby might not work for another (what works one time for one baby might not even work the next time). Some baby’s skin is more sensitive than others and a certain brand of diaper may not work at all. I know I have extremely sensitive skin and had to use cloth diapers as a baby. This is not an all inclusive list, I have been working hard to trial different brands but of course there are some that I have yet to attempt. If there are any other brands that have not made this list yet and you would like me to review, please leave a comment and I will do my best to do so.

Ranked from my favorite to least favorite here are the brands that we have tried so far.

  1. Comforts – Kroger Brand of Diaper
  2.  Huggies
  3. Pampers
  4. Parent’s Choice – Walmart Brand of Diaper
  5. Up and Up – Target Brand of Diaper
  6. Luvs

Comforts ($0.12 per diaper) – $20.99 / 175 Size 2 from Kroger

Comforts is the generic brand of diapers from Kroger. My husband and I do not normally buy  much of anything from Kroger and prefer to do our shopping at Meijer but my son had a problem with formula causing constipation and their Comfort brand of formula is the only thing we have found that works for him. So while getting formula there a couple of times I also picked up some boxes of diapers. This is the brand of diaper that I prefer to use. If I can’t find coupons for Huggies diapers we buy Comforts. I love the price point!! $20.99 for one box of diapers that lasts us about 2-3 weeks. They have the cutest designs and each box has two different designs. They are pretty flexible and actually run a bit bigger than other brands so my son was able to stay in the newborn size of Comforts up until he was over a month old. We have had very little problems with leaks in this brand of diaper and I actually had one diaper that was so full it had ripped open in the front but still did not leak or get wet diaper particles all over my sons clothing which to me is just AMAZING!!

Huggies ($0.28 per diaper)- Price $56.99 / 204 Size 1 from Walmart

Huggies is my favorite name brand of diaper. The diaper is made of a more flexible material than others and as such I have had very little leaks. My son seems to be able to wear this brand for a longer period of time without having to size up as he would in other brands. The actual diaper part seems smaller in comparison with other brands but the material allows the tabs on the diaper to stretch. Huggies has the cutest Disney designs on the diapers and their pull ups are even cuter. I have heard from a lot of my mom friends that although they prefer Pampers during the day, as their babies have grown into toddlers they use Huggies at night as they are more durable and do not leak. Also a lot of parents I know have stated that Pampers worked best for their children when they were younger but Huggies worked better for them further on down the road. I personally really like Huggies. They are decently priced and I have not had a leak while my son was wearing them (and he is a peeing machine).

Pampers ($0.33 per diaper)- $64.99 / 192 Size 1 from Walmart 

Pampers is the most expensive brand of diapers that I have tested. Pampers seems to always be everyone’s favorite brand of diaper to use but I just can’t seem to get over the price.  It’s not my favorite brand of diaper but it is very durable and accurate size wise if you follow the weight recommendations on the back of the box. I am not a fan of the diaper material though as it isn’t very flexible. If your little one is in between sizes then you have to size up in pampers as it is nearly impossible to get the tabs to stretch any further and the diaper itself will cause red marks on your baby. Pampers does have a reward program where you can plug reward points received from purchases into their app and use the reward points to purchase items. I have the app on my phone and have a decent amount of reward points saved up but the reward items are not that great and seem to be limited to children’s books and coupons for a small amount of money off of your next box of pampers. Although Pampers seems to be the popular choice and most parents choose to use them, I prefer to use brands that are cheaper and have a more flexible material.

Parent’s Choice ($0.09 per diaper) $37.44 / 416 Size 1 from Walmart

Parent’s Choice is one of Walmart’s generic brand of diapers. You really cannot beat the price of these diapers and they seem to always have specials as well that drop the price even lower. I know that after Christmas time they had a huge deal where you could get a huge box of the Parent’s Choice diapers for only $5 a box. I really wanted to like these diapers because of the price point alone but they just did not work for us. They weren’t awful or a lost cause like the Luvs brand of diapers, but they weren’t great either. We had a lot of trouble with the wet diaper indicator not showing up on half of the box of diapers. The diaper would be wet and squishy but the blue line just would not show up 50% of the time. They aren’t super absorbent and so we also had some minor leaks. What really turned us off to this brand though was the awful smell that they left on my sons skin when we used them. The diapers themselves are odorless but whenever we would go and change my sons diaper my sons skin would smell very foul, almost like the diaper was somehow degrading on my sons skin. It is kind of hard to explain because it wasn’t the diaper itself that smelled, but my son. We never had any problems with any other brands of diaper with my sons skin smelling foul with just urinating but for some reason we did with this brand. I was afraid that it would eventually cause my son to have a rash but we used the whole gigantic box of diapers without any rashes and the smell remained so we opted out to continue buying this brand after just the one big box.

Up and Up ($0.12 per diaper) – $21.99 / 176 Size 1 from Target

Up and Up is the generic brand of diapers from Target. I absolutely LOVE Target and really wanted to love these diapers, but just didn’t. We registered for my son through Target’s gift registry so we got a decent amount of Up and Up diapers. They were decent but I wouldn’t buy them again. The material is almost like pampers material so it isn’t flexible at all. They are also not very absorbent so we had a lot of leaks. We used them when my son was still 1-2 months old and not peeing as much as he is now. We were also changing him more frequently then and were having issues with leaks so there is just no way that we would buy them for him to use now that he is older and urinating more.

Luvs ($0.20 per diaper)- Price $51.43 / 252  Size 1 from Walmart

I am sorry for all of you Luvs lovers out there but I absolutely hate this brand of diaper. The price point is very appealing as it is the cheapest of the brand name diapers, but they just did not work for us at all. The size of the diaper is very small, if you want to buy this brand make sure you buy a size bigger than you think your baby actually needs or you will be wasting your money. The material of the diaper is not at all stretchy and makes it really hard to make one size last very long. The diapers are COATED in fragrances. I cannot stand the smell of them. When my son was in newborn size diapers we bought two small bags of Luvs and literally used like 10 diapers. We couldn’t stand the smell of them and although my son fit in the newborn size in all other brands, the Luvs diapers were way too small and we weren’t able to use them. They leak very easily, it seems like every time we used them my son leaked right through them. Even when we attempted to change him more often then usual to avoid leaks, the diaper would still be full to bursting.












5 thoughts on “What Brand of Diapers Should I Use?

  1. I am way beyond choosing diapers but it is amazing to see the same options are still out there. My oldest was a preemie and at that time, Luvs was the only brand that sold the preemie size. My choice was made for me.

    Great article that will be helpful to many!


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