2019 New Year, New Blog

How is it February already? Anyone else think that these past couple of months blew by super fast? In my last post I talked about focusing on myself in 2019, this post is just going to be about the rest of my goals for 2019 and how it is going to impact my blog. I have had a lazy start to 2019 but as my maternity leave is coming to an end I really hope to be more productive and work harder to achieve my goals.

Thus far I haven’t been very consistent with keeping up on my blog posts and have treated it as a hobby more than a business. My goal for this year is to really work on posting at least once a week and increase my followers and engagement. You may have noticed if you have been following me since the beginning that I have already made some website changes. A couple months ago I switched from wix to wordpress and although I am still using a free site, one of my goals for this year is to have my own website. My husband just graduated with his web development degree so I am hoping that he can help build me a great looking site. I have heard that wordpress creates a very easy transition if you use certain hosts. The switch was very time consuming but I think that my site looks better with wordpress and has already brought me some new followers.

I have also been working hard to recreate some of my old pinterest pins. I know that pinterest contributes to blog views immensely and having beautifully designed pins helps boost your traffic. I realized I was creating my pins all wrong by using photoshop and have started using Canva. Canva has allowed me to use my own images to create great looking pinterest images for pins. My pins now have better graphics, are easier to see, the correct size, and have begun to get my blog quite a bit of traffic. I really hope to learn more pinterest strategies that can help me grow my blog even more this next year, so if anyone has any suggestions, classes, or literature to help me with this feel free to send them all my way.

As a new mom, I know that 2019 is going to be difficult and quite an adjustment period. I know that I am going to have to work harder on my time management skills in order to really get everything accomplished that I have planned. In my last post I discussed making myself a priority in 2019 and growing my blog is a big part of that plan. My blog really helped me find myself last year and pull me out from a dark place. Blogging has become my outlet and little escape from reality. I never really planned on doing this blogging thing for money, but hey, if I am doing something I enjoy and can be compensated for it than why not try? Why not take a chance on something that can help me reach my financial goals, personal goals, and help others that may benefit from my posts? I really do enjoy blogging and am excited to see where this blogging journey takes me this year. I can’t wait to get started and explore affiliates, new topics, and do some more self discovery.

Any experienced bloggers out there have any tips, tricks, or literature to help me in this process feel free to comment or message me with any and all info.


5 thoughts on “2019 New Year, New Blog

  1. Thank you for sharing your goals! It takes courage to put yourself out there. I’m rooting for your success! Here’s to a successful 2019!
    P.S. I used Canva too and I love it! Have you tried Tailwind for Pinterest? I have seen my traffic increase since using Tailwind.


  2. Blogging is a continuous learning curve! I have been blogging for 3 1/2 years and have learned so much through trial and error and am still learning. If you enjoy blogging, just keep working at it because it’s definitely not an overnight project! I always laugh at the posts that say, “Build your blog in 10 minutes!”


  3. Welcome back! (((hugs))) And congrats on your new season of life. Sounds like you are ready to embtace it head on and that alone will make for one amazing adventure! You got this mama!


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