New Year, Same Me

It’s officially a new year….. well it actually has been for 2 weeks now but I have been slow to write this post. I have been meaning to write this blog post since January 1st, but being a new mom has really just taken up every second of my time. YES!!! BABY HUNTER HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!!  (He has actually been here for 6 weeks now and I have been soaking up every precious moment with him before I go back to work. I have included photos of us together throughout the post so you can all see my mini me).  I have been away from blogging for quite some time and although I haven’t written any new posts in a while, I have been actively working on my new website. I have a ton of new ideas for my blog for this upcoming year and can’t wait to start implementing them.

xmas amber and hunter

2018 taught me that I don’t need to be anyone other than myself and should be proud of the person that I am. It was a tough year, with me being pregnant 6 of the 12 months, but I made it through. Last year I learned so much about who I am and how far I have come that this year I don’t plan on being anyone or anything other than me. I feel like every year people make New Years Resolutions to be a better person than they were the year before but I know now that I am perfect just the way that I am, no changing necessary.

For 2019 I don’t plan on being anyone other than myself and with that being said have decided that this year my goal is to focus on myself. I realized last year through all of my soul searching that I absolutely suck when it comes to self care. I always put everyone else ahead of my needs and then I end up suffering in the long haul. As a new mom I now have one more little person to look after and can already tell that I am neglecting myself in order to spend every waking moment (and half of my sleep time) doing everything I can for my little babe. I know that this isn’t going to change but I need to start making a conscious effort to adjust and do more things for myself as well.

mommy and hunter

My 2019 New Years Resolution is to make self care a priority. This isn’t my only goal this year, but it is the biggest one that I really need to work on. I was so busy last year taking care of everyone else that I think I only got my hair cut one time! I honestly can’t remember the last time I spent any money on myself or indulged on anything that wasn’t a necessity. Last year with me being pregnant I was forced to spend money on maternity clothing, but limited myself to only the necessities. If I were to use the Konmari method and sort through all of my clothing, I don’t think that I would have anything left to wear because very few of my items bring me joy. I have been wearing the same shades and colors of eyeshadow for the last 5 years and in 2018 only bought 2 new lipsense lipsticks.  I really don’t remember doing anything just for me in 2018. It’s sad that my husband forces me to take a step back now and again to take care of myself and legit forces me to spend money on things that I actually need but have been putting off getting because I always think that something else or someone else is more important.

This year I am going to work on improving my self care and making myself a priority. I don’t need to change who I am, I just need to appreciate myself more and make sure that every once in a while I put myself first. I don’t really have a plan as to how I am going to practice self care yet so if anyone has any tips or thoughts on how I should go about doing this feel free to let me know. Go ahead and comment below with any suggestions that any of you may have on how I can take care of me.


This honestly wasn’t where I was planning on taking this blog post. I was going to write about my financial goals this year and how I want to become better at doing laundry and cleaning my home. I wanted to talk about how I want to cook more at home and work on eating more leftovers, rather than going out to eat. However, my mind brought me in a whole other direction. So stay tuned in my next blog post to learn about my New Years Resolutions for the blog, my new website, and my other goals for this year.


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