Lipsense: How A Lipstick Has Changed My Life

     Today I decided to take a huge leap out of my comfort zone and try something new. I have been debating back and forth about diving into becoming a distributer for Senegence and today I finally decided to actually do it. I have never been one to take much stock into personal sales and making money by selling other people’s products but I have become so obsessed with the way that the Senegence products make me feel about myself that I just had to jump on board.

    To be honest, the only product that I have tried from this company is the lipsense line, but I absolutely love it. I started using it around a year and a half ago after it started becoming popular around the hospital and I have been hooked ever since.

                          So what is Lipsense?


    It is a lip stain product created by Senegence that lasts up to 18 hours. Yes, you heard me correctly, the lip stain stays on all day long without having to reapply it. It also heals and rejuvenates your lips while providing you with a long lasting smudge proof lip color that lasts and lasts. The company has a ton of different colors in both the lip stains and the glosses. You can even mix and match different colors within one application to create your own unique color of lipstick.

Here are all the great colors that the lipstick / stain come in:

lipsense colors

And here we have all of the different colors of glosses:

lipsense glosses

With the ability to mix and match both layers of colors and glosses the possibilities are endless!!


                     How does this product work?

    You start by applying the lip stain color X3. You apply the first layer of the stain, wait until it dries (less than 15 seconds), apply a second layer, wait until it dries, and then apply the third layer. After the third layer has dried, you then seal the lip stain in place with the lipsense gloss. WARNING: THE FIRST LAYER OF LIPSENSE MIGHT MAKE YOUR LIPS TINGLE AND STING, THIS IS NORMAL AND MEANS THE PRODUCT IS CLEANING OFF THE DEAD SKIN FROM YOUR LIPS TO HEAL AND REJUVINATE THEM. IF YOU CONTINUE TO USE LIPSENSE EVERY DAY AND DO NOT EVER USE ANY OTHER LIP PRODUCTS THE STINGING AND TINGLING WILL BECOME A THING OF THE PAST. THE PAIN DOES NOT LAST LONG AND DOES NOT DAMAGE YOUR LIPS BUT RATHER HEAL THEM. The lipstick will feel sticky until that gloss is finally in place to seal it all together. As previously mentioned you can mix and match colors of the lipstain in order to make a brand new shade of lipstick. To do this you just change colors with each layer you apply. You still apply three layers but the first layer you may apply the Samon color, the second layer you could apply Napa, and the third layer can be finished with another color of your choice. I love to do this! I personally have only yet to purchase three different lipstain colors and then the glossy gloss. I have been able to mix and match those three colors over the last year and a half to create brand new colors. This has allowed me to keep things interesting and fresh while making my supply last longer.

                How much does Lipsense Cost?

    Each lipsense stain color is $25 a piece while the gloss is $20 each. There is also an oops remover that you can buy for help removing the colors that is priced at $10. (The only time I ever use the remover is when I have an accident when applying the lipsense, other wise I keep the lipstick on all day and it is easily removable in the shower or with a wash cloth and soap the next day).

    Now this may seem like a lot of money to spend on lipstick and I certainly used to think the same way too, but it the tubes literally last forever! I have had the same three lipstain colors for almost 2 years now and still have plenty in the tube. The gloss you use more often and have to replace more frequently but since I don’t necessarily wear the lipsense every single day, I have only gone through one and a half tubes of the gloss in that same time frame. If you think about it, you probably spend about $8 on a tube of regular lipstick at the store and it doesn’t last nearly as long as the lipsense. Plus regular lipstick smudges and has to be reapplied almost hourly.

                     My Experience with Lipsense

    I have honestly never been much of a makeup user. I prefer the natural look on myself and have always used BareMinerals as my skin is very sensitive. I’m not a makeup connoisseur and am not the greatest at even  applying the simplest of makeup on myself. Lipsense is so easy to apply and it doesn’t require me to take a huge amount of effort to make my lips look great!

    I have never been confident or felt beautiful in my own skin but I am slowly learning to love myself and I feel like this lipstick really helps me feel better about myself. I feel more beautiful and confident when I wear it! I get so many compliments on it when I am out and about and my husband absolutely loves the way I look in any of the colors. It has really brightened my self confidence and helped me find the beauty in myself that I was unable to see before. I don’t know how just a lipstick can make you feel all of those feels, but trust me it can!

   I wore the lipsense to my wedding and it was the best makeup decision I had made that entire day. The lipstick lasted ALL DAY!! Through the ceremony, the toasts, the food, the cake, the photos, and all of the sweaty dancing, my lipstick remained luscious and beautiful. I had to apply the gloss 3 times throughout the day to keep my lips moisturized and the stain sealed but I can’t imagine how rough it would have been having to reapply normal lipstick. I don’t think I would have worn any if I would have had to reapply it every hour on my wedding day.

    Here are some pictures of me in the lipsense to give you an idea of how much I love the way I look in it:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

     I can’t wait to add to my lipsense collection (let’s be honest the biggest reason I became a distributer was to get all the discounts for myself) and try out all the other great products that Senegence has. If you are interested in buying and trying this amazing product for yourself you can contact me  through Instagram or pinterest direct messaging or my email at Let me help you feel beautiful too with just adding a touch of color to your lips and your life.


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